Roadside Revival Boutique

we are


Who? Amy, Estrellita, Jeff & Trish

What? Roadside Revival Boutique

When? Pop-up & special events

Where? Wherever the road and our #RoadieRevivalists take us

Why? Awaken Your Style

Roadside Revival: A mobile boutique: Lovers of vintage, modern and classic styles, and staple pieces living a gypsy lifestyle out of a rare double door ' 64 Boles Aero Estrellita vintage trailer.


Amy, coined Customer Creative Director


Amy loves creating beautiful by bringing and mixing RR's pieces together. Amy inspires our #roadierevivalists to see themselves in styles and looks they may not normally imagine.


It doesn't stop there, she inspires many with the {revival} of her self-love. It's never too late for self-love, you know.

IMG_8831 Roadie-revivalists are encouraged to ask Amy about fashion and style, creating looks, life, and anything else you can't seem to find the answer to. You could even ask her to steam. spirit animal: vintage furs favorite past time: waiting on autumn while doing yoga favorite time, place, and space: now bragging rights: the patience & ability to endlessly steam. how in the world does she do it?  

Estrellita, a total man magnet!

RRLOGO Let's be real, she is a Californian shiny vintage beauty. Born in '64, if Estrellita could tell stories about all she has hosted, it is safe to say, we would be captivated, just like we are with her. TRAYS From #roadierevivalists, to hubbies and beaus, to drive-by curiosities, Estrellita is a site to behold and a real conversation piece. It is safe to say, everyone that sees Estrellita has a total crush on her. hashtag {swoon}! POPUP spirit animal: herself favorite past time: being admired by everyone. and we mean every one. favorite place, space, and time: '64 bragging rights: what's not to brag about?  

Jeff, THE main man.

IMG_0682 This man is RR's workhorse (of sorts). He is the driver, maintenance, muscles, cashier, and music man. Play that funky music white boy! IMG_0651 IMG_0658 The list could go on and on and... you get the drift. Jeff is also our academia nut. Therefore, he is our "proofer". Like those political ads say, "this ad has been approved by *insert name*, in RR's case, it's Jeff. Oh and hey, want to know all about Estrellita? Ask Jeff.  He loooves to talk about Estrellita. IMG_0700 spirit animal: work horse favorite past time: talking about Estrellita favorite time, place, and space: totally tubular 80's bragging rights: getting Estrellita from the west to east coast   JTA   Last, but not least (since that T lands her last on the alphabetical order list), Trish. Trish wants you to know, if you like the website and social media feeds, she does it, and if you don't, Amy and Jeff do it. IMG_0570 Not really. Hi, it's me! I oversee the look and feel of Roadside Revival's website and social media feeds. IMG_0757 Some days (could be most even), some spectators may think my style is in a total identity crisis. Well, it's not. OK? I love to mesh and melt fashion and looks into one style. IMG_9074 spirit animal: all animals (why limit myself?) favorite past time: loving spirit animals favorite time, space, and place: creating bragging rights: finding Estrellita and naming Roadside Revival   Has it been mentioned yet that we all (except Estrellita, who sits around being lovely and hugging our fabulous merchandise) are working professionals? No, seriously, this is our "side gig". We are our "side-gig's" spirit animals. IMG_0661   IMG_0670   This is where we will share our styles and looks, fashion feedback, creations, thoughts, sentiments, and and stories. We always have a story to tell after popping up and hosting events. You can stalk us via our calendar. Want to collab and co-host an event? Contact us at We can't thank you enough for joining us on this roadside {style} revival!

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